Life Partners' Creditors' Trust

Welcome to the Official website for the Life Partners' Creditors' Trust ("Creditors' Trust") established under the Chapter 11 bankruptcy Plan confirmed by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas in the bankruptcy cases of Life Partners, Inc., Life Partners Holdings, Inc., and LPI Financial Services, Inc. (collectively, the "Debtors" or "Life Partners"). Alan M. Jacobs acts as the Creditors' Trustee.

The Plan established two Successor Trusts, the Creditors' Trust and the Life Partners’ Position Holder Trust (the "Position Holder Trust"). The Creditors' Trust was established generally for the purposes of:

  1. Asserting, prosecuting and attempting to collect upon litigation claims held by the Debtors' bankruptcy estates against various defendants; and

  2. Objecting to, resolving and administering general unsecured claims, including but not limited to the claims of investors relating to their "former investments". These are investments that did not mature but were no longer held by investors at the time that the confirmed bankruptcy Plan became effective, whether such claims arose because the underlying investments were lapsed, abandoned, defaulted, sold for a loss, or experienced some other disposition that resulted in loss.

The Creditors' Trust is separately administered from the Position Holder Trust, and the Creditors' Trust does not deal at all with the administration of current and continuing investments of life or viatical policy settlements or the administration of premiums or death benefits. All of those functions are handled by the Trustee of the Position Holder Trust. If you a current investor and wish to contact the Position Holder Trustee or his servicer of the policy investments, please click here.

For a more detailed explanation of the two Successor Trusts, please click here.

No determination has been made as to whether the Creditors’ Trust will have sufficient net available cash in order to make a distribution in any amount, and even if so, when any such distribution may be made. As a result, beneficiaries in the Creditors' Trust should manage their financial affairs without relying on ever receiving any amount of distributions from the Creditors' Trust, or at any particular time.

If you would like to abandon your potential beneficial interests in the Creditors' Trust, look below to find a link to the abandonment form and applicable process.

On this website, you will find access to certain major Plan documents and additional links to helpful information: